A War On Choice

Milwuakee - 1995


These photographs were made during confrontations at women’s health clinics at Farwell & Ogden Ave and 76th & Browndeer.

The Journal/Sentinal staff

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Jeffrey A. Wagner was justified in issuing an injunction against disruptive abortion protests, says the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.

The injunction has been the primary legal weapon used by the City of Milwaukee and the Wisconsin attorney general's office to discourage protesters from interfering with abortion clinics and to punish those who do.

Jim Haney, director of research and information for Attorney General Jim Doyle, said Tuesday that the Appeals Court decision "ensures that women who wish to seek legal medical procedures are allowed to do so."

In affirming Wagner's ruling, the Appeals Court said: "The state and city filed a multitude of proof {showing a need for an injunction}. Numerous affidavits describe verbal harassment, physical damage to both person and property, blockades, videotaping and photography, and vandalism.

"Many of the {protesters named in the injunction} have been arrested in excess of 50 times for activities at or near medical centers that perform abortions.

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